American Fence Company of Lincoln makes the fence rental process easy

Concert venues, one-time events and construction sites all require a unique kind of protection that can be changed when needed while remaining effective. Temporary fence from American Fence Company of Lincoln will maintain a boundary that is able to be moved around and adjusted without losing defense.

Temporary fence installation and removal are offered by American Fence for the following styles:

  1. Screened temporary fence: Generally includes windscreen and in-ground fencing.  Commonly used to create privacy for events or job sites, but is also an efficient way to prevent dirty and debris from blowing into open areas.
  2. Portable panel systems: Used for events and sites where temporary fencing will need to be adjusted and reshaped over time, or is placed directly on top of existing concrete. Utilizes a panel and stand system.
  3. In-ground chain link fence: The most secure and widely used option for construction sites and large events. Consists of posts that are securely driven into the ground.

As an expert in rental fencing, American Fence Company of Lincoln is an expert in temporary fence and will work closely with you through your entire purchase. This starts with your style selection all the way to placing your temporary fence. To get a free quote, you can call American Fence Company of Lincoln today at 402-467-2511 or you can shoot a request online.

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