PalmSHIELD Introduces the Mercury Screening Line

Even though we’ve been in the business of designing and fabricating architectural screening for more than 50 years, PalmSHIELD recognizes the need to continue adapting to changes in the market. Our products offer enhanced security and aesthetics, but we recognize that some projects have to accommodate budgets in which our more typical products cannot fit. What’s more, some projects move on such a fast track that waiting for robust systems such as architectural screening is not feasible.

Having taken all of this into consideration, PalmSHIELD set out to make a new product retaining the appearance and efficiency of our best architectural screening product lines while providing prices and speed of fabrication equal to that of a simple privacy fence. We happy to introduce our new product line, the Mercury Screening, which does just that. So, if you are searching for an economic screening solution, look no further!

In starting out, simply pick your infill style. Mercury comes in solid, semi-private, staggered, shadow box, alternating, and louvers.

Once you’ve picked out an infill style, select one of our infill materials: aluminum, composite, or vinyl.

The final step is picking out column material: aluminum or vinyl.

Featuring such a broad number of combinations, Mercury screening can be adapted to projects of all sizes and applications: generators, truck wells, chillers, condenses, patios, dumpster enclosures, outside storage areas, HVAC units, courtyards, transformers, pool equipment areas. This is the quintessential budget-friendly screening option that functions as more than just a fence.

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