Reasons to Buy High-Security Fences from The American Fence Company

High-security fence for an airport.

Choosing the best layout, product, and installer is important when you’re looking to add high-security fences to your space. Which contractors and companies fit your budget and meet all the qualifications to perform the job? Who can advise you on the best designs and products to suit your needs? These are all questions we know you need answers to. While we can’t speak for anyone else, we can give you reasons why we are a solid choice for your high-security fencing projects.

Our Qualifications

Excellent Safety/EMR Rating

Safety is one of our top priorities at The American Fence Company of Grand Island. We train our staff in motor vehicle safety, fire prevention, hazard communication, and other site safety precautions to help keep you, your clients, and our team safe. Because of our insistence on safety, we earn an average Experience Modification Rate of 0.73—much better than the industry average of 1.1.

Experienced Managers and Workforce

Crew of workers and equipment installing chain link fabric for a high-security fence.

When you work with The American Fence Company, you not only benefit from a safe project site, you also get advice from seasoned fence experts. Each of our branches is managed by individuals with an average of 10 years of experience in the industry. These experts will work with you to help select the right product and layout for your needs and budget.

What’s more, we maintain 100 in-house certified crews to tackle any project, large or small. Our installers receive training on the specifications and installation requirements for all our high-security fences. Each crew works under both a foreman and superintendent to make sure that your job is done right.

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Tremendous Buying Power

Stockyard inventory of chain link fabric.

We buy direct from mills and manufacturers, allowing us to buy high volumes of fence materials and stock them for immediate use. As a result, we have over 20 acres of inventory. Additionally, we operate a fully staffed transportation team that allows for faster deliveries and moving materials between locations. If one branch does not have a material, it can be brought in from another branch—keeping your project on track.

Custom Fabrication Teams

The American Fence Company houses one of the nation’s largest custom metals operations, allowing us to create custom gates and parts for your project—saving you valuable time and money.

Custom metals shop with workers creating fence materials.

We’re Your High-Security Fencing Experts

Protecting your facility begins with a choice. Make the smart choice and work with The American Fence Company of Grand Island for your high-security fencing needs.

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