Temporary Fence in and Around Grand Island

American Fence Rental of Grand Island has over 55 years of experience in the rental fencing industry and has more than 100,000 feet of temp fencing installed across the Midwest. They are expertly trained in handling any rental or construction fencing project as they are very experienced and have access to top of the line security solutions. Temporary fencing provides a protective barrier that provides privacy and security for an array of projects, including marathons, event venues, construction sites and more. No matter the reason you need temporary fencing, American Fence Rental Grand Island can help find the right solution for you.

American Fence Rental specializes in offering the most affordable and high-quality rental fencing options for customers all across the Midwest. Customers work with our project managers to choose the correct rental fence option to fit their needs. American Fence Rental has thousands of temporary fence panels, temp barricades, posts and fabric ready for delivery and fence installation on hand. They have a variety of different options, including anti-climb as well as classic chain link temporary fence. They also have the capability to customize the fencing to each customers’ needs and specifications.

Chain link temporary fence

Chain Link Rental Fence

Rental chain link temp fencing can be installed one of two ways: by installing the panels into portable stands that are held down with heavy sandbags, or by installing the posts directly into the ground. Temporary chain link fence is the most common (and often best) way to create a solid and continuous barrier around a job site. American Fence Rental also offers some customization options, including protection from curious eyes and blowing dust with privacy screening, and barbwire for site security.

Anti-Climb Rental Fence

For an extra boost of security for temporary fencing, look to anti-climb rental fence. This style of rental fence has C-brackets installed on all four corners, has narrow rectangular mesh, and is welded on all sides for a stronger frame. This style of temporary fencing was created to prevent thieves and vandals and any other unauthorized personnel from accessing your job site.

Temporary fence of this style is the most secure and safest option. Anti-climb temporary fence panels consist of 13 horizontal and 99 vertical wires that also protrude past the top. If a clever trespasser managed to Climb up this fence, they would have to contend with the sharp, exposed wires at the top.

Anti-climb temporary fence

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