Commercial Sports Fencing in Grand Island, NE

Sports-Grade Materials

American Fence Company of Grand Island has been installing sports fencing for more than 50 years, using the highest quality of materials in building baseball fences, tennis court fences, backstops, and more. We do not settle for run of the mill residential products when it comes to sports fencing in Grand Island.

Multiple Applications

Fence installation in Grand Island is another one of our services. If you’re wondering who can install a ballfield fence in Grand Island for you, or small mesh for a tennis court, or a chain link fence armed with securing screening, this fence contractor can help.

Aquatic Safety

American Fence Company of Grand Island is experienced in the installation of pool fencing, fencing for waterparks, and other forms of recreational fencing. Our pool fences are code compliant.

Sports Fencing in Grand Island Gallery

Our fence contractors in Grand Island recognize the need for recreational areas in residential communities, as well as the need to keep such areas safe and secure. We have more than 50 years’ experience in sports fence installation, our clients including owners of ballfields, aquatic parks, and basketball courts. All of these areas need fencing of some sort, even backstops for baseball fields, which is why we specialize in a broad variety of products. Our team uses computer aided design to help pick out and fabricate the right sports fence for your project.

Sports Complex Fencing in Grand Island, NE FAQ

What types of Grand Island sporting fence can I use?

Chain link fencing has been the standard for ballfields for many decades and remains the top choice today. The reasons are many, beginning with the extreme durability and cost effectiveness of chain link. Used in ballfields and tennis courts alike, chain link fabric helps prevent fast-moving balls from striking viewers, and makes the game easier for players, as the ball doesn’t escape the field or court so easily. American Fence Company of Grand Island recommends GBW chain link fence, as it is smooth, thereby helping to prevent accidental injuries when people brush against it, such as cuts.

Another benefit of chain link sports fencing is the support of windscreen. CLFMI, the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute, provides a useful tool for selecting just the quintessential post diameter size and wall thickness for a given project. This tool takes into account wind loads, soil conditions, fabric weight, and material density.

If you want a more attractive chain link fence than traditional galvanized, try the vinyl-coated chain link fence. This fence type uses colored coating. The colors available include: light green, dark green, brown, and black.

Besides chain link fencing, what types of sports fence are appropriate for recreational use?

For swimming pools, many commercial property owners use vinyl or ornamental fences, which is secure as well as aesthetically pleasing. BOCA code requires a maximum of a 4” gap located anywhere along the fence with a minimum height of 6’ tall for public swimming pools. Commercial property owners also use welded wire and woven mesh systems. These systems use heavy gauge wire in horizontal and vertical formations to create rectangular shapes, often panelized and set between square posts. What’s more, they’re often powder coated with color.

For pool fences, pick the style that best meets swimming pool code requirements where you live. If you have questions, we’ll gladly help you figure out a style that suits your needs and also matches city code requirements in your area.