Best in Class Vinyl Fencing in Grand Island, Nebraska

Vinyl Fence Durability

Designed for great longevity, engineered to withstand the blistering heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter, our vinyl fencing in Grand Island is adept for the unpredictability that is Nebraska weather. Included with our vinyl fences is limited lifetime warranty against chips, cracks, and peeling.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Fencing

The efficient engineering of our vinyl fencing in Grand Island allows homeowners to spend more time enjoying their residence as opposed to constantly maintaining it. Because our vinyl products are resistant to cracking, fading, and peeling, maintenance such as repaints, staining, and total replacements are rarely needed.

Vinyl Fence Styles and Colors

When it comes to Grand Island vinyl fencing, you can choose from a broad selection of fence colors and fence styles. Cost effective, the vinyl products from this fence company in Grand Island help boost your property’s value and curb appeal.


American Fence Company of Grand Island takes pride in designing, engineering, and installing vinyl fences that last and last. Realizing this is what our customers expect from us, we’ve partnered with reputable manufacturers such as Ply Gem Fence & Rail. Combining our strengths in the interest of producing high quality, extra durable vinyl fencing, we use vinyl that is resistant to weather and the elements, such as rain, sunlight, and damage caused by insects. (Termites and carpenter ants are particularly annoying for owners of wood fences, but our resilient vinyl fences are resistant to these obnoxious, wood-munching pests.)

Another great quality to this Grand Island fence company’s products is that our vinyl is resistant to rust and rot. Traditional fence materials typically succumb to the ravages of time, but vinyl is designed to last. What’s more, they’re resilient to most forms of wear and tear. Think it can’t get any better? Well, it can! Our fences are backed by a lifetime, transferable warranty!

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Residential Vinyl Fence and Fence Installation FAQ

If I install a vinyl fence in Grand Island, how long will it last?

A major advantage that vinyl has over other fence materials is its tremendous longevity. In contrast to wood and ornamental fencing, natural aging with vinyl usually consists of a mere – and very slight – diminishment in its natural sheen over time. Rot, rust, and other forms of decay are extremely rare when it comes to vinyl fencing. Everyday wear and tear should also not be an issue, as vinyl is resilient to less stressful impacts. On top of that, the vinyl fences made by this fence contractor in Grand Island has a chemical formulation that basically functions as a kind of sunscreen: designed to reflect sun rays rather than absorb them, thus maintaining the vinyl fence’s color.

In short: don’t worry about your Grand Island vinyl fence fading.

How cost effective is vinyl fencing compared to wood fencing?

Vinyl fencing is more cost competitive than wood fencing, especially when compared to typical #1 grade cedar fencing that has been stained. It also costs less than fences made of ornamental steel. Combined with the resistance to rust and rot, vinyl fencing offers a number of irresistible advantages.

Does vinyl fencing burn? Do vinyl fences break?

Vinyl has a flash point of about 900 degrees. It is considered a self-extinguishing fence material as it does not ignite or burn easily.

As for the question of whether or not vinyl fences break. Vinyl has the potential to crack if struck by an unusual amount of force. So expect damage if your fence is plowed into by an automobile or has had large rocks hurled its direction. However, these are unusual circumstances. Under ordinary conditions, you shouldn’t see any significant amounts of damage. Our fence installers in Grand Island, Nebraska take care to ensure that all our fences are properly set, and we use only the highest quality materials.

If a break does occur, simply reach out to us at the American Fence Company of Grand Island. Replacing fence rails and pickets is a simple process.

Are you looking for a fence contractor in Grand Island, NE? Always search for a fence company with at least 10 years’ experience. Here at American Fence Company of Grand Island, we have over fifty years’ experience, and our dedication to providing long lasting, high quality fence products has granted us the reputation as the number one fence contractor in Grand Island. When you hire us to build and install a vinyl fence in Grand Island, you can rest assured our team will deliver a prestige, top notch product for you.

How resilient is Grand Island vinyl fencing in winter?

If you’ve lived in Grand Island long, you know that Nebraska weather can be very unpredictable. Sometimes, winters are dry and calm; other times, it’s nonstop cold and unrelenting blizzards. So if you have a vinyl fence in Grand Island, it should be resilient to the elements. Residential vinyl fencing tends to become less flexible when it’s bitterly cold, but it shouldn’t break or crack unless struck by an unusual amount of physical force.

How do I clean my Grand Island vinyl fence?

It goes without saying that your vinyl fence will be exposed to the elements. That’s a given, being that it’s outdoors 24/7. Soil, dirt, mud, dust, all of this will be a factor, so it’s useful to know how to clean a vinyl fence. Here at American Fence Company of Grand Island, we recommend water used with a mild detergent. If your fence is plagued by tougher stains, try Soft Scrub and baking soda. As for those especially stubborn, hard to remove stains? Simple Green and steel wool might be worth a try.

When it comes to graffiti, a paint thinner can usually help. For those unusually tough stains, try 400-grit sandpaper.

Can vinyl fence posts be installed in concrete?

Yes. Vinyl fence posts are designed to be set in pre-mixed wet concrete that is placed under and around the post. Never install fence posts of any kind in dry concrete mix. Adding water after the mix has been added is not wise, as it doesn’t provide consistency when the concrete sets.

Does American Fence Company of Grand Island, Nebraska have warranty on vinyl fences?

Yes. Although vinyl fences have extra longevity, all of our vinyl products come with lifetime warranty. A fence contractor in Grand Island, NE for more than 50 years, we make sure to provide warranty to our customers.

Where can I get custom vinyl fences in Grand Island, NE.

Your search has ended! Look no further than here at American Fence Company of Grand Island, Nebraska. We have access to the largest computerized fabrication shop in the entire Midwest. We can create just about any design you can dream up for your residential vinyl fence in Grand Island.

Does vinyl fencing turn yellow with age?

Today’s vinyl fencing material features titanium dioxide (TIO2). This is a naturally occurring oxide helpful for preventing degradation caused by ultraviolet exposure. American Fence Company of Grand Island has also partnered with Kroy Vinyl Products, ensuring warranty for our vinyl fences against discoloration and yellowing for 20 years.

How resistant is vinyl to weed eaters?

As is the case with all vinyl and wood products, direct contact with lawn and garden equipment will cause some damage to your vinyl fence posts. For this reason, it is important to use caution when operating equipment, of any kind, near your fence. Be especially careful when using commercial trimmers. If you have any questions about weed barrier products and lawn trimming near your residential fence, do not hesitate to reach out and ask us. Our experts here at American Fence Company of Grand Island, Nebraska can answer all of your fencing questions.

Should the vinyl fence in my yard be customized?

We highly recommend working with a Nebraska fence contractor with custom fabrication abilities. Pre-boxed and pre-cut vinyl fencing just won’t cut it for your home, and the fence should be tailed to your yard as well as your idea of a good residential vinyl fence. American Fence Company of Grand Island, Nebraska is the best vinyl fence contractor in Grand Island and the Midwest. In building a custom vinyl fence for a yard, we use the following five-step process:

  1. First, a personal meeting to review the design, layout, and all ideas you have for your fence in Grand Island, NE.
  2. Next, we’ll stake your yard for review and approval.
  3. A post layout map will be provided for you. This map will show the installation point for each vinyl fence post.
  4. Once the vinyl fence posts have been installed, we’ll put together a fabrication drawing to illustrate each bay’s slopes and dimensions.
  5. Each vinyl fence panel will be fabricated according to this drawing, in our computerized custom fabrication shop.