Specialty Products in Grand Island, NE

Custom Fabrication

Specialty producers here at American Fence Company are made from top-notch materials – our selection including vinyl, wood, and metal – crafted through our in-house fabrication facility, and assembled by fence experts in Grand Island.

Made to Order

When you hire American Fence Company of Grand Island to build a specialty product for your residence, rest assured the product you receive will be one of a kind. What you’ll receive will be unique and distinguished, to help you stand out from everyone else.

Uncommon Products

Our specialty items include gazebos, mailboxes, arbors, pergolas, and more!

Specialty Products in Grand Island, NE Gallery

Have you looked over your property in Grand Island, NE and thought, ‘What I need is a piece of unique decor, maybe an arbor or a gazebo?’ Or do you think your home needs a high entrance arc? Or some ornate handrails? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. American Fence Company is Grand Island’s number one fence contractor and our vast inventory and in-house team of fabrication experts means we can put together all kinds of specialty items for our customers. Our steam provides computer-aid drawings, and your approval is required before we start making the item.

Specialty Products in Grand Island, NE FAQ

What type of specialty products in Grand Island, NE do we fabricate?

Whether you need arbors, gazebos, pergolas, fencing, railings, gates, arches, or mailboxes, just contact American Fence Company of Grand Island. We have all the supplies and fabricating expertise needed to transform your idea into a high quality specialty product suited for your yard!

What type of material do you use for making specialty products in Grand Island, NE?

Our fence company has access to more than 18 acres of inventory, including wood, vinyl, cast iron, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and copper.

Once I have an idea for a speciality product in Grand Island. What do I do next?

Give us a call, here at American Fence Company of Grand Island, to set up a time to talk about your idea. Don’t worry about bringing drawings or complicated measurements for this initial meeting. Once we’ve had a chance to talk to you about your idea, we’ll get started putting together a computer aided design – at no expense to you – so that you can see what the product will look like. If you’re pleased with the design, we’ll meet at your residence to take field measurements. From here, fabrication drawings will be made for your approval. Once you’ve OK’d them, the actual manufacturing process will commence.

Something else we’ll go over with you is coating options – electrostatic, galvanizing, hand painted with additional features, powder coating. We have vast selection of samples for you to look at. When the specialty product is finished, it will be delivered to you. If you need someone to install it, our extremely knowledgeable staff can do that, as well. After all, we’re not known as the premier fence company in Grand Island for nothing!