New Pricing on PalmSHIELD’s Horizontal Louver

The horizontal louver (currently the most popular of PalmSHIELD’s products) is receiving a new look, and a new price to boot! PalmSHIELD customers have placed their trust in our louvered architectural screening for more than fifty years, depending on them to not only protect but provide airflow for mechanical and rooftop equipment as well as dumpster enclosures. We wanted to combine the efficiency of such screening while also enhancing the aesthetic design, so we devised these horizontal louvers wot have a more sleek, modern look. And, as we mentioned above, they’re available at a more economic-friendly price. These louvers are perfect for industrial and commercial applications held to a budget.

Structural integrity is sometimes lost when manufacturers streamline designs in favor of cutting costs, but that is not the case here. Our expert fabricators have ensured the new horizontal louvers retain the strength, integrity, and long-lasting longevity of our fully framed screening. Still featuring all-aluminum, robust columns, and baseplates, the new design combines media blasting and extra-durable coatings. The horizontal louvers also retain structural support across the back of the system. So whether you are seeking an enclosure for a dumpster or something to protect an HVAC, these louvers can offer the protection and efficiency you need.

In most cases, the last portion of a design project is the mechanical equipment and architectural screening. After all, architects and engineers want to keep to a budget, so PalmSHIELD has been designed to cover this. These horizontal louvers are cost-efficient and the CAD drawings & specifications are free to view on PalmSHIELD’s website. When it comes to budget-friendly screening options, you need not look further than the horizontal louvers available from PalmSHIELD.

Cut back on costs as opposed to quality. Contact us today for a free quote on the Asia louvers!